About us

DAVID PALMER                                                                                                                                                                             Director of Training - Fast - Trak and EDT

David started the company in 1993 having retired as a Police Inspector with 26 years service. His police time was equally divided between criminal investigation, traffic and general patrol. He was a Grade One Police driver trained at one of the six Home Office Schools, rode police bikes, worked motorways, was a vehicle examiner and gave expert evidence which was accepted at Magistrates, Coroners and the High Courts. 

He recieved thirteen commendations with one in particular awarded by the Courts and his Chief Constable for his driving skills in a lifesaving incident when he took an unconcious non-breathing casualty to hospital covering 9 miles in 5 minutes in heavy rain. He was high speed escort to the SAS and also once escorted an ambulance over 80 miles in one trip. 

Since his retirement, he became one of the highest qualified driving and motorcycle instructors in the Country and became the first ever motorcycle instructor to have powers delegated from the DSA to be able to award current instructors with an advanced teaching qualification. 

With goods vehicles and buses, he has held a licence for artics and double deckers for over 40 years and has been an instructor on both groups for over 25 years. 

As our Director of Training he is responsible for preparing and writing all training courses including motorcycle instructor and Driver and Operator CPC courses. 

He has made presentations at Government level, and prepared the motorcycle training and testing programme for the Republic of Ireland making that presentation to the Minister of Transport in person. 

On the bike front he helps organise many of the overseas tours and was instrumental in arranging the 2015 tour of the Top Gun base in Nevada. 

His current bike is a BMW GS 1200.

Finally, he is also acknowedged as being the best looking and sexiest member of staff at Fast-Trak EDT and coincidentally the only person who can edit this site. 

SERENA EVANS                                                                                                                                                                      Operations Director

To be perfectly honest, our company would have folded long ago without Serena as she keeps everything afloat and everyone in check. She arranges the training, deals with the finances and rules us all with a rod of iron but a heart of gold. And the only member of staff to have a personal P.A.

The photo on the right shows the day she passed her own bike test about 64 years ago, the photo on the left looking into the Grand Canyon on one of the many overseas trips she has helped arrange. 

She has been with the Company for about 18 years and was made a Director several years ago. She will take over completely when David calls it a day, and that is why he never drinks tea or coffee she has made and why he keeps all medicines out of her reach just in case she wants to bring the take over date a little closer. 

She is a very keen motorcyclist and a former instructor, giving up only to take over the management. She currently rides a Triumph Street Triple Limited Edition which replaced her Kawasaki Z1000. It was on the Kawasaki that she famously tried to cheat at the Nurburgring by taking a short cut through a field only to be foiled by the armco which she bounced off with incredible panache. 

Serena was in charge of one of our earlier trips to the USA, taking the guide's role in a car and managing to split the group of fifteen into three groups who rode off in three different directions. Maintaining her normal state of calm on her return she quietly mentioned to me that if she was ever asked in future to take charge of a bike tour, "you can stick the F....ing bike and shove it up your F...ing Ar.." Sometimes her command of the English Language leaves a little to be desired.

She does agree though if you want anything done at our place, it's no good asking any of the men. And to be honest, we agree. We have to.

DEBBIE LLOYD                                                                                                                                                                        Commercial Courses Administrator and PA to Serena

Debbie has worked with us for more years than we care to remember. She is often the person who answers the phone and is generally responsible for arranging motorbike lessons.

She is a biker in her own right owning a Harley. However, as a result of one scary experience when she was riding down a steep gravel covered hill in Mid - Wales when fear got the better of her she no longer uses the front brake, in fact at times she uses the lesser known "feet on the floor and screaming the F word" as a means of stopping her bike. 

The first photo of Debbie (on the left) shows her at our Christmas Party after she had consumed half a bottle of gin and was starting to get a little wobbly. The photo on the right shows her naked, twenty minutes after she had consumed the other half. 

STEVE EVANS                                                                                                                                                                                    Head of Overseas Tours

Married to Serena, Steve rides a Suzuki when training, and a Harley for pleasure.He teaches our CBT instructors to set them off on their chosen career path. He is also head of our tours and likes nothing better than to be riding across Death Valley in searing heat on a Harley or for reasons best known to himself is equally happy riding around Shropshire on a February afternoon when monkeys stay indoors for lear of losing some of their important little body parts. 

Steve was joint tour guide on one of our USA trips which started in Las Vegas, headed east on Route 66, then north to the Grand Canyon, off to Monument Valley and then to Area 51. In Area 51 he went missing for a full night (stangely near to a house of ill repute) and then alleged he had been kidnapped and probed by aliens. 

It didnt put him off though and after being probed he carried on to visit Top Gun where he ran around with his arms stretched out whilst shouting "Come on, you can be Maverick. Chase me, chase me" 

Steve is also our lead CBT trainer specialising in - how delicatelly can I put this - "difficult pupils"  He has been training for many, many years and is able to call his job his hobby. He is also a qualified mechanic, handy if you break down in the Mojave Desert.

Then of course, after work, he goes home with Serena where they talk about motorbikes and he will suffer more pain.


MICK CORTEN                                                                                                                                                                         Motorcycle Instructor

Mick has had a chequered - or should that be checkered - life. Riding motorbikes since he wasn't overwieght, he attended Tech College, then for reasons best known to himself, ended up in Shrewsbury Prison.

He tells us he was a Prison Officer and in fairness he does have a load of photos suggesting that was his chosen career but what do we know, he could have brought them from a fancy dress shop to go with the skirt he is wearing on the right. As can be seen in his one photo he was trying to steal bikes from a very early age and to prevent his arrest he trained in Martial Arts becoming a Sensei in Aikido. (Whatever that means) 

We do know that when any of his biking pupils are training for their bike test if they disagree with anything he says, he smacks them round the head with a piece of wood. It gets results though as he always seems to be on our Facebook page grinning like a big grinning thng, with yet another of his pupils and a pass certificate. 

Mick is well thought of by all of us and even though it is hard to admit it, he is a very loyal and dedicated instructor.


ANDY ALLAN                                                                                                                                                                         Motorcycle instructor

Andy is a former Police Officer with Thames Valley Police then Dyfed Powys in Mid Wales and is one of our most experienced bikers, used to riding in all weathers and on all types of roads. He is a DVSA CBT Supervising Instructor and Direct Access Instructor and is known for his patient, thorough and methodical approach to training. (Picture to follow)