Roadside Emergencies

It is a beautiful day. The sun is shining. It's the first ride out of the year and you have planned it for weeks. You meet your mates at the local bike shop and life is looking pretty good. The ride out starts well. You stop for breakfast and share stories and stretch the truth about how fast you have ridden and generally act like a well seasoned biker.

Half way through the day, the rain starts, but you are only fifty miles from home. As the rain eases off you regain your confidence and the speeds build up. Gradually at first, but then one of your group misjudges an overtake, or brakes too late in a bend, or he doesnt realise the road surface is still greasy from the earlier rain. Suddenly, your day takes a turn for the worse. A day which began with such high expectations is quickly turning into a disaster. One bike down and one badly injured mate. Would you know what to do?

From a former Police Officer with over 25 years experience in dealing with crashes you will be taught how to take charge at the scene and how to administer live saving first aid.

This is not a "FIrst Aid in the Workplace" course, (although we offer that too) there will be no advice about epilepsy, electric shocks, drugs overdoses or anything along those lines. You will be taught how to get people breathing, how to stop them bleeding, how to protect broken bones and how you treat their severe shock.  

In other words, how to manage a road accident.

It will cost you less than the price of a CBT.

You never know when you might save a life. And if it just happens to be your mate, you will never have to buy the beer again.

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