Motorcycle Tours

Our subsidiary Maverick Motorcycle Tours is the place to turn your dreams into reality. Touring on motorbikes can be such a fantastic experience, but if you are on your own or don't know where you are going it can be a little intimidating to say the least. 

Our biggest and best tour is the USA tour of the West Coast Mountains and Canyons. Of course some of you will want to ride Route 66, and certainly it should be on your bucket list, but a bucket list is for dreams and being realistic we know that dreams do not always come true. We know Route 66 very well, and ride it if you can, but budget for around £5000 at least for that trip. Better though in our opinion is the West Coast Mountains and Canyons tour. It has the wide open spaces of Route 66. It has the cowboy towns with the wooden boardwalks,.but it also has Death Valley, Vegas and San Francisco. Route 66 is good, make no mistake. The Mountains and Canyons will blow your mind.  

The biggest drawback for a biker in going to the States is the fact that it is not an easy option to take you own bike.

Not so throughout Europe though so we very regularly run tours which you will be on your own bike.

Germany. Probably the most undersold Country in Europe. Not ones to boast (apart from their football - and it's amazing how much luck you can have taking penalties) the Germans do not publicise their stunning roads and scenery. From the winding superfast roads alongside the Rhine and Moselle, to the unbelievably beautiful scenery of the Bavarian Alps. And how could we forget the astonishing Nurburgring. We love Germany and you will too. Scared? Yes. Happy? Beaming. Not to be missed. 

Spain. Not meaning to be political but I am not sure we in the UK got as much out of the EU as many other countries. Our UK roads are, let's be honest, rubbish. Not so Spain though. Stunning roads, as flat and as smooth as a bowling green without the grass. Mile after mile of unnadulterated subliminal winding tarmac heaven. Thats why we are opening our own centre there, hopefully in the Autumn of 2022. 

And so much more..... We are a small company which uses these trips as holidays for our own staff. We do not make a profit (We do that from training)  but just enjoy riding in small groups around some of the best countries in the world. Apart from a couple of our tours, we have a route planned and stopover locations arranged but everyone - that's us as well - pay as we go. We arrange the ferries and the first night and nothing else and it works brilliantly. You go where we go. Why do we do it? We need a holiday just like everyone else, and the best holidays for bikers are the ones which give us the freedom to choose where we go with the safety that comes with riding in a group.

To date we have been to Norway, Australia, Sweden, the Arctic Circle, France, Italy, Germany, USA, (New York, California, Route 66,) and most parts of the UK. 

Motorbikes are for commuting, racing, touring and a myriad of other things, many of which are probably illegal. To get the most out of yours join us on our next trip. Call us for more information or send an email and we will keep you in the loop.