Supervising Instructor

The next stage after the CBT instructor is a supervising instructor. In order to run your own school or in order to move onto Direct Access (big bike) training, you will attend a two day DVSA assessment at Oldham in Greater Manchester. 

You will have had a one week comprehensive course to reach CBT level after which you will need quite extensive practice with real pupils. 

To get you to Oldham standard you will have attended a second training week, again followed by practice sessions with real pupils.

During the Oldham assessment you will have to show that you can teach CBT to a good standard and also supervise other CBT instructors. If you are successful you could in theory start your own school. In reality however, you will still only be able to teach on bikes up to 125 cc. 

Arguably the most important, certainly the most needed, instructor at any training school in the DIrect Access instructor. The Direct Access instructor course is only available to delegates who have qualified at Oldham. 

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