About us

DAVID PALMER                                                                                                                                                                             Director of Training - Fast - Trak and EDT

Much the same as on Our MC staff. In fact exactly the same, although the photo on the left suggests he is fat. How photos can be deceptive, unlike the one on the right which was taken two weeks ago.

He is still the only person who can edit this site. 





SERENA EVANS                                                                                                                                              Operations Director

To see exactly how much Serena does for us, read about the MC Staff (click about in the menu)  

How simple can we explain this. Serena runs everything. Thats it.






DEBBIE LLOYD                                                                                                                                                                        Commercial Courses Administrator and PA to Serena

Debbie has worked with us for more years than we care to remember. 

Not only does Debbie arrange the motorbike lessons and tests, she is responsible for the uploads for Driver CPC and the issue of Certificates. Quite straightforward then. If you are a driver and appear to have lost some CPC qualifications, you know who to blame. 

The first photo of Debbie (on the left) shows her at our Christmas Party after she had consumed half a bottle of gin and was starting to get a little wobbly. The photo on the right shows her naked, twenty minutes after she had consumed the other half.