Direct Access Instructor

Every training school needs Direct Access instructors and the mainstay of any school, including ours, are pupils who wish to take their full motorbike test. This is the Direct Access. 

In simple terms, riders over 24 years of age who want to ride an unrestricted motorbike must be taught to ride by a Direct Access Instructor. 

A percentage of our pupils are very young and only want to learn to ride a scooter or small bike and therefore only need a CBT. 

It is very rare for a young rider to want to take a full bike test. 

It is rarer still for a rider over 24 years of age to only want a CBT. 

For your training, after you have qualified as a Supervising Instructor, you will  attend another one week course followed by practice under our guidance seeing real pupils riding large bikes. 

You exam will take place in Oldham (again) and will be for half a day on a one to one basis. The test will include a number of different scenarios where you will be required to bring an Examiner, in a role play situation, to test standard.

To sum up. To teach a learner from CBT on a small machine to test standard on an unrestricted machine, you will be a CBT instructor, a CBT Supervising Instructor and a Direct Access Instructor. 

We would be happy to offer you further explanations or discuss course options if you would like to call us on the number at the top of this website.