American Diner

"Where shall we go?" is probably the most overused question from bikers to bikers. And it's not just the scenery we crave.  It's somewhere to sit down, have a chat, put the world to rights. And most importantly, it's somewhere to eat. 

At Fast Trak we are all bikers and we have all asked the same question over the years. Every weekend, every rideout, every tour, even every training day. The very same question.

And then we had an epiphany.

"Let's build our own biker's cafe" we decided. But not a half hearted bacon buttie van at the side of the road. Apart from training, what do we do best? We go on holiday. We tour Europe and we tour America. And if the Americans do one thing better than us - although that's debateable - they build roadside diners. So that's what we did.  An American Style Route 66 Diner, complete with a Model T Ford, a Juke Box, an ice Cream and Milk Shakes counter and a bullshit corner. 

From an all day breakfast to a smoked salmon panini, or a slice of home made chocolate cake washed down with steaming San Francisco coffee, followed by an American chilled vanilla milk shake, we have it all. 

Our cakes and cookies are made by us and our food (except our Aberdeen Angus beef used in our fabulous burgers),is locally sourced and freshly cooked. Our eggs are all free range and are bought to help support our local farmers.

Our chips -  notice that - chips, proper big fat ones, none of your measly French Fries here - are double cooked for crispness and our Indian menu is replicated from Mumbai street foods and have become particular favourites. 

Naturally, we hold Food Hygiene certificates and some of our cooks - let's not be pretentious and call ourselfves chef's.(if we did that we would have to call ourselves motorcyclists not bikers)  have attended training courses with TV chefs, including the RIck Stein Cookery School in Cornwall. 

So next time you ask the question "Where shall we go?"  Here is

the answer.  Fast Trak in Shrewsbury.You wont be disappointed.                                                                   


In the fullness of time we will be hosting evening sessions in the Diner. We are not, nor will we be a "biker's cafe". We are a training and touring company which just happens to have a biker friendly diner. The evening sessions will be social events. On our upper floor we have a sports and social area with table tennis, table soccer, darts, air hockey etc and an area where we can host a live band. We already have the drums, keyboards and guitars now we just need someone who can play them and sing. 

During the evening sessions we will concentrate on feeding you. We intend to have - for example - a chicken in the basket night, a scampi and chips night and an Indian Street Food night. 

More information will be found nearer the time on our Facebook RIder Group page.