Lockdown 2020 Part One

The first photos are of Serena. Serena as you will know if you read "Our staff" pages, is the important cog in our many wheels. If you have met Serena you will be astounded by the angelic child in the first photo. It is probably an imposter. The second photo shows her in her teenage, rebellious years and the third one I think is of when she was a bloke. The fourth is when she passed her test and the fifth is on a rideout.  She now rides a Triumph Street Triple.








The next photos of of David's daughters, Marie and Angie. Marie is the loud ginger one.  Angie is the well behaved one. In the first photo Angie is on the left. Then they start to grow up. More to be added in the near future.









Next is Debbie. Debbie arranges a lot of the bike training and is PA to Serena in all but name. Debbie has been with us for ten years or more. She rides a Harley. First photo is Debbie lieing  down showing her knickers. 








Working our way through our trainers and a select few of our mates, we come to Mick Corten. Mick was a Prison Officer for 25 years, he is also a black belt in hitting people with sticks while dressed in a long black skirt. (see Our Staff) He failed in his chosen career of being a stand up comedian as you can see from photo three. Photo four is with his wife Nicki and the fifth is with the love of his life, one of his bikes.