Now train someone else....

There are four levels of bike instructor.

To teach basic learners, click on "CBT Instructor" on the drop down menu.

To teach other CBT instructors click on "Cardington Instructor"

To teach learners to test standard, click on "Direct Access Instructor"

To teach advanced, click on the "Post Test Trainer"

But before you start clicking buttons read on a little.

First and foremost, for all levels, you must be 21 years of age and have held a licence for three years. If you want to teach learners, you must also belong to - or you, yourself can be - a Driving Standards Agency "Approved Training Body" (ATB)

An ATB is responsible for training motorcyclists up to and including the normal driving test standard, and will employ different levels of instructor.

Now you know that much, go click some buttons.