Operator Licence Awareness Training

If you find yourself at a Public Inquiry it is probably because you are at serious risk of losing your Operator's Licence, Transport Manager's authority or Vocational Driving Licence. 

You need to realise that this is a very difficult situation and the cards are stacked heavily against you. All may not be lost however as if you read the Traffic Commissioner's "Applications and Decisions" publications you will realise the Traffic Commissioners are very fair in the way they deal with offenders and offer as much help as they realistically can. You will sometimes see where the Commissioner has directed the Operator or Licence holder to attend an Operators Licence Awareness Training Course rather than suffer an immediate revocation of their livelihood.  

Of all the courses we provide, this is proving to be one of our most popular. Not just when transgressors are on the brink of losing everything but when Operators and their staff feel the need to improve their knowledge and experience in the everyday workings of a busy transport office. 

In addition, we find Operators use this course as a timely refresher to bring themselves up to date with new or evolving legislation to give themselves that little help that may prevent them from inadvertantly falling foul of the authorities. 

The courses are held regularly at our Shrewsbury Offices or by prior arrangement at your own premises. Please call for further information, we will be happy to discuss your personal situation and requirements.