Road Accident

We are not solicitors and we, like you, hope you never need one, but what if you do? 

It's a bit like insuring your house. You don't want to do it and you probably do so reluctantly but if it's flooded or on fire you hope that your policy will cover you. 

The same with your car or your motorcycle. You will be insured but hope you never have to use it. We are not suggesting you change your insurers but what we are suggesting is the solicitor you use when the crash occurs should be reliable, friendly, and above all else should be there to help you, to get you what you deserve. To not be fobbed off and encouraged to accept a 50/50 claim.

We have been in the training business for almost thirty years and we have seen and heard of many sad incidents in that time. And of course with our background we have seen the unforeseen and unpredictable tragedies that can happen in the blink of an eye. Your whole life can change in a split second.

And, what if it is not your fault? If you are a biker in particular or of course a car driver, in our view you want a dedicated friendly solicitor. As Police Officers and later as trainers, we have over fifty years experience in the good and bad that riding and driving can bring. 

When it all goes wrong we recommend without hesitation you contact our friends at "Sorry Mate"  Road accident specialists, solicitors who drive cars but are all bikers too. 

We do not receive any commission from "Sorry Mate" but we know they share the same ethos as we do and that's why we are happy to point you in their direction if everything goes pear shaped. 

You can click on this link www. or call them on their freephone number for advice on 0800 6300301.