Driver cpc

Every now and again, a piece of legislation descends on us and causes great worry and despair.

Normally, such legislation arrives from Brussels so it comes as no surprise to find that this new law is in the form of a European Directive.

The Certificate of Professional Competence - C.P.C. for short, requires the driver of almost every goods vehicle which exceeds 3.5 tonnes G.V.W. or the driver of a small coach and upwards, to undertake 35 hours of training every five years. For those not so good at sums, that equates to a training day every year. 

The syllabus is huge and bureaucratic as you would expect coming from Brussels but all accredited training bodies, like us, submit our proposal to the appropriate authority and hopefully they get approved. 

We approach the CPC from a compliance angle using our vast experience as former traffic police officers, prosecutors, trainers and drivers and, as a result our seven hour sessions not only tick the boxes for legallity but for practical, common sense. 

Clearly our delegate drivers agree as we have now conducted over 5000 driver training days. 

We offer training in house - subject to numbers - and at our premises in Shrewsbury. Dependant upon availability, we often list specific course dates in our "news section"

If nothing is listed there or dates shown do not match your needs, please call us for additional information. We will be happy to talk things through with you.