Approved Driving Instructor
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To be a driving instructor, you must be good looking and additionally:

An instructor with a happy little pupil  1. Hold a full UK or EC driving licence. This must have been held for a total of at least 4 out of 6 years prior to entering the ADI register following qualification.

  2. Not have been disqualified from driving at any time in the four years prior to entering the register.

  3. Be able to read a car number plate, in good daylight, at a distance of 27.5 metres (90 feet) where the letters are 79.4mm (3 1/8 inches) high, with spectacles or contact lenses, if worn.

  4. Be a fit and proper person to have your name entered in the register. Convictions, motoring or otherwise that are 'unspent' will be taken into account when the Registrar assesses your suitability to be entered in the register.

The training and testing of ADIs is as follows:

About your test...
The ADI Theory test is held at many locations around the country using ‘touch-screen’ computers. The multiple choice test includes questions on:
1. Road Procedure
2. Mechanics
3. Traffic signs and signals
4. The driving test
5. Driving with disabilities
6. Instructional techniques
7. DSA and associated publications

There is also a series of situations, which require candidates to evaluate and identify moving sequences and thereby show they have a high standard of hazard perception.

A minimum mark of 85% is required in the multiple choice test with additional scores needed in the hazard perception assessment. Successful candidates can then apply to take the Part Two Driving Test.

To apply for the theory test you must first contact the DSA and ask them for a starter pack. This includes a Criminal Bureau Check form. Once your records check is complete, you start the registration process. Allow at least six months from start to registration.

The qualification exams are in three parts starting with a theory test. If you are unsuccessful on the theory test, you can retake it as many times as you like, paying a test fee each time of course.

About your training…
As the DSA provide all the questions and answers for the Part One test, you will only spend one day at our Shrewsbury centre.

Additional training days are available for delegates who would prefer more guidance than given by the DSA question bank.

Topics covered will include;
1. ADIs – the qualities, characteristics and attitude required.
2. The ‘L’ Driving Test.
3. The Test report form DL25C.
4. Driving technique – car control, road procedure and hazards.
5. Other road users and safety.
6. Vehicle mechanics and routine maintenance.
7. Instructional techniques.
8. Fault assessment.
9. Lesson planning.
Our classrooms are equipped with OHP, whiteboards, flipcharts and videos, allowing us the flexibility to work with you individually and in a group.

You can, if you wish, order all necessary publications from us before you start training. The cost of books is not included in your course fee and you will be given a choice of what to actually buy.

We strongly recommend that this part of your course is taken leaving sufficient time to allow additional home study before you sit your exam.

About your test…
The ADI Practical Driving test is conducted at selected Driving Test Centres around the country by specially qualified DSA Examiners.

The test will last for a little over one hour and you will be expected to drive to a high standard, dealing with a variety of road and traffic situations including motorways and/or Dual Carriageways. You will also be expected to perform a series of set manoeuvres, with reversing exercises being prominent.

You will only be allowed six minor faults. Any single serious fault will also result in failure.

If you are unsuccessful, you can retake the test a further two times. However, if you do not pass on your third attempt, you must wait a full year before starting again with the part one test.

About your training…
You can take your training in 2 hour blocks (minimum) or in the form of an intensive course as follows:

Condensed training will take place over a two day period. The topics covered will include all aspects of driving but with emphasis on areas such as;
1. Steering technique.
2. Gear changing.
3. Driver attitude.
4. Observations.
5. Awareness and planning.
6. Emerging from and entering junctions.
7. Hazard perception.

In addition to classroom discussions, considerable time will be spent assessing your driving skills and practicing manoeuvres. Your trainer will observe your attitude and approach to other road users and offer feedback on your performance.

About the test…
The test will last for one hour and will be conducted by a DSA Examiner in a role - play situation.

For the first half hour or so he will adopt the role of a new driver who wishes to be taught a new skill, say, an emergency stop or reversing.

For the second half, the examiner will adopt the role of a driver who is nearing test standard or who has perhaps failed a driving test and needs help with a particular problem. The examiner might even take the part of a qualified driver taking remedial training.

You will be tested, amongst other things on:
• The briefing you give
• The content of the lesson
• Instructional manner and attitude
• Fault identification, analysis and remedial actions.

Your training…
You can take your training in 2 hour blocks (minimum) or in the form of an intensive course as follows:

Your intensive training will last between five and ten days. Initially it will be classroom based but much emphasis will be on placed on:
• Lesson planning
• Lesson content
• Attitude
• Control of a pupil
• Variety and level of instruction
• Identifying faults
• Analysis of faults
• Offering remedial action

There are a number of publications which are recommended for training to become an ADI. Please contact us before you spend more than you need.

Before you book your course, however, you need to get the ball rolling by contacting the DSA on 0115 901 2500. They will forward all the paperwork you require, but you need to be aware that from first contact with the DSA to qualification will take about six months.

If after reading our information you need further guidance, place call us. We will be happy to help.