Route 66 - where else ?
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Did you know there is a magazine called "Route 66" which is sold worldwide. Did you know the film "CARS" was written about Route 66. Did you know that the publishers of the magazine were the advisors to  "Cars"  Did you know the Model T in our building belonged to the magazine, and did you know that Fast Trak are the worldwide distributers of the magazine, and finally, did you know that our own fatlad David (me) is the UK President of the Magazine and Stubsy is the secretary representing the worldwide publishing rights of the Magazine.

Well now you know. Lets tell you what else there is to know.

“Get Your Kicks, on Route 66” has been immortalised in song by over 150 artists since the original was written by Bobby Troup in 1946 and given to Nat King Cole for it's first public outing. Later came Andy Williams, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones to name some of the more famous and varied. And not forgetting me, singing it in the bath or when I am walking around the house, naked. But that's a story for another day. Back to Route 66.

This is Main Street, USA. The Mother Road. Meandering through eight great States, and stretching from Chicago to Los Angeles. Evocative names like Oklahoma, Geronimo, Flagstaff, Albuquerque, will pass before your eyes. Juke boxes, diners, Cadillacs. This is the soul of America.

Route 66 is not just a road. It’s a way of life. A legend in it’s own lifetime. And though planners and politicians have done their level best to kill it off, it is still the heart of America, beating for over 2000 miles and keeping alive the hopes and aspirations of millions of people the world over.

Now more than eighty years old, it remains the lifeblood of many folk who refuse to give in to unnecessary development and who are resolute and determined to help traditions survive and to share the joy they have with as many travellers as possible.

This is the one tour we organise at Fast-Trak where car divers and bikers travel in harmony, as one. Where we all have one goal. The goal of living a dream. This icon was the inspiration for our web address.

This is the road where you can drive mountain passes and deserts in the same day. Where neon lights beckon you to roadside motels. It is where you will be served Blueberry and Pecan Pie. Where you will be greeted like long-lost brothers and sisters by people who live in a fifties time warp community with doors that are never locked.


Be truthful. Didn’t you always promise yourself this trip? “I’ll do it when the kids grow up. I’ll do it when I retire. When I’m forty. When I pass my bike test”

Stop making excuses. This is the greatest road show on earth. Now ride it. Don’t go to your grave whispering “I wish, I wish, I wish” Why not say “I did it, and it was the best holiday of my life” Get your kicks on Route 66. You never know that by the end of the road, you might even know the rest of the words.

NEXT TRIP IS ALREADY ARRANGED starting 1st JUNE 2014. Yes 2014. The tour starts when you collect your Harley (what else for this trip?) from Chicago returning home about 21 days later. You can of course have other bikes, or even a trike if you are quick enough ordering it, but lets be honest - when in Rome --- know what I mean?

This is a stonker of a trip. First we follow the Mother Road all the way to Alberquerque then we turn off (coming back to it later) and instead of using the Interstate at this point we head north to Monument Valley. Some people rate Monument Valley above all other places. All we can say is nowhere on this trip will disappoint you. For example, no trip to the States would be complete without a ride to the Grand Canyon, and for our money, surely it must be the most spectacular place on earth. It's 200 miles long, 20 miles wide and is big enough to hold a lifetime of memories that will never, ever be surpassed. It's the one place in the world that everyone should visit at least once. You need to sit with your feet dangling over the edge and experience the evolution of life on earth. 

To be honest, whilst I am writing this I dont quite know what to describe and what to miss out. Some of our friends, including some who have already booked for this trip, have never been to the USA so places like Las Vegas are a must. South Lake Tahoe too, is more beautiful that Claudia Schiffer. Well, okay, perhaps that's stretching things a little but Death Valley will take your breath away in more ways than one. Imagine being a turket at Christmas just as they shove you in the oven. "Blimey" says the turkey, "Its hot here. I can hardly breath. But the view's good" Thats Death Valley. 

The States is the most diverse Country in the World. Sears Tower in Chicago, one of the highest buildings. Death Valley, the hottest place on earth. Vegas - the fun capital of the world. Route 66, the most famous road in the world. The Grand Canyon, awesome. Nothing describes it better.  If you have got eyes, you will see sights for which photographs can not do justice. You will cross deserts and if you want, you can shoot white water rapids of the Colorado. You can fly in a helicopter  and if you are stupid, like our Serena and Ross, you can dangle 1000 feet over the lip of the Stratosphere in Nevada on an elastic band.  This isnt a road trip. This is the trip of a lifetime for a lifetime of memories. And on the final few days when the road is done, you will complete your journey by visiting San Francisco. For this trip we need a neuro surgeon and a cardiologist. We need a neurosurgeon because this adventure is mindblowing. More exciting than flying a fighter jet on crack cocaine. But we need the cardiologist for when we reach San Francisco. Because thats where you will leave your heart.

Cost to be confirmed but budget for around £3k for your bike, accommodation and flights. And set aside three weeks of your life. Then another three years to get over it.