Nothing but bikes, bikes and bikes...
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Well, where shall we start?  Let's try in 1993, when, with one car, one instructor and a converted, rented craft centre on the north side of Shrewsbury, Essential Driver Training was born. 

Within two years, motorcycle training was added and the Company name was changed to Fast-Trak (Kawasaki) Ltd as we took on the Kawaski franchise. 

A second centre was opened when we moved premises and eventually about ten years or so ago we had our present building constructed to house motorcycles, cars, offices and training rooms. We also became very heavily involved with road haulage training and our transport division is now the biggest part of our operation. For that reason, we reverted to our original name and gave up trying to sell new motorbikes. To confuse things even further we still retain Fast Trak in our trading name and we answer to just about anything.

Here is just a sample of what the company has to offer.

Learn to ride a motorbike. (At the last count we were housing about 30 training bikes) Learn to drive a car. Learn to drive a lorry. Become a motorcycle or car instructor. Become a Transport Manager. Drive a fork lift. Learn skid control. Take your LGV CPC. And if everything goes pear shaped why not learn about First Aid in the workplace. And so it goes on. Why not book yourself on one of our track days. Or perhaps a trip to the Nurburgring in Germany. Or if touring is your drug of choice why not join us on one of our adventures. West Coast USA is one of our favourites and could be yours.

We have two websites: which is for everything with more than two wheels. This website, the one you are reading now - - is dedicated to motorbikes and nothing else.

I could ramble on like an old rambling thing in a bag full of rambles, but rather than that, scroll down the buttons on the left. I will be surprised if we dont teach what you need, and you will be surprised at what we have to offer. In fact if you use a motorbike for something we don't provide, it's probably illegal.

Without doubt we are the biggest and longest serving motorcycle and transport training company in the Midlands, possibly the country. That doesn't mean we are the best but we can't find one any better and we doubt you can either. 

Welcome to Fast Trak EDT. Enjoy your visit to our website, follow our ethos and start living your dreams.

David Palmer

Director of Training