ARIZONA - Oh no.....!
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For our 21st birthday we had intended to ride to Italy and stuff ourselves silly with pizza. But then we looked at last year's epic adventure and thought, "Sod it, let's go back to America"

And that's what we did. We flew to Las Vegas collected our bikes and set off East along Route 66. Through Seligman to Hackberry to Winslow where we just stood on the corner as directed by the Eagles song. "Standing on the Corner in Winslow, Arizona"

Off then via Zion National Park and probably the most spectacular view in the world to Monument Valley and then to Area 51 where Steve, (that's Serena's husband) was kidnapped by an alien (so he tells me having gone missing with a strange looking woman for several hours) and then on to Fallen near Reno. 

By prior arrangement through some friends who live and work in the area, we then spent the day at Top Gun - yes the real Top Gun - Naval Aviators Warfare Weapons Development Centre, where we took more photos than you would believe. After that we were wined and dined in Virginia City complete with wooden boardwalks. After that unbelievable weekend our next stop was Bodie, the Californian ghost town. As if that wasnt enough and fast running out of steam we managed the 8000 feet climb to the top of Yosemite and then down another 8000 feet into Death Valley where the temperatures registered 130 degrees. 

It wouldnt have been a complete holiday without the day or two in Las Vegas where I lost about 100 dollars and Steve lost his shirt and trousers. 

A truly great trip and one which is sure to be repeated in the next year or so. Do join us. It was a stunning , exhilarating journey and one which everyone should make at least once in their life.

Every year we train hundreds of bikers and every year they tell us they dream of making the big trip. Sadly many never fulfill those dreams. Why do you think our website is "living your dreams".co uk.  Don't just dream about it. Wake up and ride. We will be with you every mile of the way.